About me

Music and art can change your life, inspiring, opening doors, and clearing your path towards finding the best of yourself. That is why I make music and share it with the world, in the hope that it will find its way to those who can truly appreciate it, who can benefit from it, and who will be inspired to ultimately be more than they think they can be. Take a moment to browse my site, to add my music to your playlists, and to immerse yourself in my shared imagery.

As a mostly self-trained artist, piano is my forte and most of my compositions are keyboard-based. I have spent over three decades working on my craft, and it has evolved considerably over that time. I anticipate it will continue to do so. Producing piano and multitimbral recordings and performing live on piano occupy most of my solo work as a musician.

As a performing artist, I have dedicated my efforts to working with Mamadou Diop and his band MAMADOU. Having joined his noble group in July of 2000, we have composed and performed in front of audiences in countless places from New England (where we are currently based) to Senegal, West Africa (where he is from) and along the North American east coast. The style of music is unique, based on the rhythms of West Africa, but mixed with modern instrumentation and polyrhythmic melodic layers that blend to form an intricate web of music upon which vocals are performed. The music is colorful, inspiring, and just plain good for the soul. I encourage you to check out our music and see us perform live when we are in your area. For more information, visit mamadou.com.

Photography has been another passion of mine, which I have continued to pursue as an amateur who has taken admittingly too many photos over the years. Inspired by some of the many travels I have made, you can find many of the photos on this site for your enjoyment.